Are You Speaking up Today

Here is a letter to the editor published by pro-abortion activist and outdoors writer, Alan Kesselheim criticizing Tea Party activists for not speaking up earlier. It is a common argument by opponents. Their implication is if you speak up today and didn’t in the past, you’re a hypocrite. This is twisted logic. The fact is, if you didn’t like what the Bush Administration was doing with the massive bailouts, deficit spending and infringement on privacy rights, you would really oppose what Obama is doing. Kesselheim’s letter is followed by my own, which was not published.
What took you so long to speak up?
All I have to say to the rude rabble-rousers so active in defense of our cherished democracy is, Where have you been?
Where were you while we were spending $10 billion tax dollars every month on an unjustifiable war?
Where were you when our constitutional freedoms were being lopped off one after another under the smoke screen of terror alerts?
Where were you when millions of Americans were being illegally wiretapped?
Where were you when hundreds of billions of dollars were being shoveled into the greedy maw of the robber barons of the energy sector, the deregulated banking sector, and the no-bid war contractors? Where were you when our economy got shoved off the cliff, plummeting from comfortable surpluses to the brink of global depression? Where were you when our highest government officials were truly and persistently lying to us? Don’t tread on me? What a joke. You’ve been trampled into the dust by a stampede of elephants for almost a decade. What took you so long?
Alan Kesselheim Bozeman

The question is not what took us Tea Partiers so long to speak up; Mr. Kesselheim, the question is, are you speaking up today? When the Federal Reserve Inspector General could not account for the $9 trillion in bailout money spent this past year, did you speak up? Did you speak up against this Administration’s continued uncontrolled spending despite our $100 plus trillion in national debt? Do you care that the federal government took over private industries like the auto industry, the banking industry and the insurance industry and is pining after the healthcare industry? What about the banksters profiting from the billions in bailouts while Main Street USA continues to suffer? If you think $10 billion a month on unwinnable wars is bad, try $12 trillion spent, lent or committed to in the last year alone. If $10 billion a month is bad, why isn’t $1 trillion a month worse? And to answer your question, where was I while big government grew even more ominous? I’ve been speaking out for the past seven years every single Thursday afternoon on my radio show and helping to lead Tea Party protests. Funny thing, Alan, I’ve never seen you at a Tea Party rally. And I don’t hear you speak up against today’s challenges to our freedom. Oh that’s right; you’re too busy condemning those who are.

Henry Kriegel



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2 responses to “Are You Speaking up Today

  1. Good post! Way to tell the Party cadre member off.

    I just discovered your website after picking up a copy of Gallatin Valley Patriot while in Bozeman recently for the Crime Prevention Convention. I have also posted an announcement about the Tea Party Express events this coming Sunday on Montana Preppers Network.

    Good to you, thank God there are still many Patriots like you.

  2. Joe

    Smartest man I know…

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