With Osama dead, it’s time to call it a victory and bring troops home

Osama may accomplish in death what he couldn’t accomplish while living, warns former Reagan advisor
May 2, 2011, Bozeman, Mont.- Even though U.S. forces have killed Osama bin Laden, the deceased Al Qaeda leader may still help destroy America if we don’t bring our troops home now, says a former Reagan advisor and advocate of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.
“The greatest threat to national security is not Al Qaeda, Qaddafi or the Muslim Brotherhood,” says Henry Kriegel, former executive director of the Committee for a Free Afghanistan who urged President Reagan to maintain a military presence in that country. “The greatest threat is still alive and well-it’s our faltering economy.”
     With an estimated $14 trillion national debt and $100 plus trillion in unfunded liabilities, Kriegel says America can’t afford the war in Afghanistan, which the Center for Defense Information estimates will cost $455 billion by the end of fiscal year 2011.”Make no mistake about it; the death of Osama is a great a victory that we should celebrate,” Kriegel says.  “But if we don’t take advantage of this opportunity to dramatically change direction, bin Laden’s assassination and the sacrifices we made may have been in vain.”
     Kriegel points out that the Soviet Union collapsed, not because they lost the war in Afghanistan, but because the war and their expansion across the globe were economically unsustainable.  Today, America is actively involved in three wars-Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. U. S. troops are spread out throughout Europe and Asia while domestic unemployment is at near record highs, gasoline is approaching $4 per gallon or more, the U.S. dollar is under assault, and China is emerging as the next great economic superpower.
     “It’s time we focus on the greatest threat to our national security: government overspending and the national deficit and debt that threaten to bankrupt America,” Kriegel says.  “Ending our involvement in Afghanistan now is in the best interests of America. We have our own country to save”
The operations in Afghanistan were initially focused on exacting retribution for 9/11, destroying terrorist training camps, disrupting the Al Qaeda network and getting bin Laden.
     “We’ve achieved those objectives,” Kriegel says.  “It’s time to declare victory and bring our troops home.  If we don’t, bin Laden might help accomplish in death what he failed to accomplish while living-the destruction of America as we know it.”
About Henry Kriegel
     Henry Kriegel served as the executive of the Committee for a Free Afghanistan from 1986 till the Soviet withdrawal in 1989.  In April 1987, Kriegel briefed President Reagan and the Cabinet on the pending Geneva Accords on Afghanistan, warning of chaos and bloodshed if the U.S. proceeded with endorsing the accords and withdrew from the region. After 911, Kriegel engaged in a nationwide media campaign to influence public opinion and policy makers to work with the Northern Alliance to exact retribution on Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  During this campaign he appeared on numerous national television and radio programs including “Politically Incorrect,” Fox TV’s “The Big Story with John Gibson, “The Sean Hannity Show” and many others.  He is a marketing professional, a talk show host, an organizer of the Bozeman Tea Party and MontanaTea Party Coalition.

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