Welcome to America’s Second Revolution, a blog dedicated to my fellow American revolutionaries in the Tea Party, Campaign for Liberty and 912  movement and its supporters.  While this blog attempts to document the activities of my fellow revolutionaries, I do not portend to speak on behalf of the movement.  In fact, this blog is uniquely my own creation and is not in any way endorsed or supported by any organization.

I’m Henry Kriegel and I’m  a weekly guest every Thursday from 9:00-10:00 AM on KMMS AM1450 Bozeman, KPRK 1340 in Livingston and online at http://www.kmmsam.com.  I’m also an activist and  Bozeman Tea Party organizer. I have  more than 20 years of experience in media relations, marketing, advertising, and government affairs.  In all my years of public activism, I have found more kinship with the Tea Party movement than any other activist organization.

I also chair the Montana Freedom Coalition, an activist group that meets monthly to discuss relevant political, social and economic issues.

My job as a talk show host is “to afflict the comforted” engage, demand and at times jolt listeners to get out of their comfort zone and engage in the great battles of our time.

Like our founding fathers who fought against the tyranny of British rule, we today fight against an overgrown government in cahoots with international bankers who seek to threaten our way of life, our country, our Constitution and our very freedoms.

Welcome to America’s Second Revolution. The battle has just begun.

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