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Parents’ Concerns about Obama Speech Legitimate

As a parent, I am entrusted with the care of my children who are gifts of the Creator. It is a role that I honor and take seriously. While I have
entrusted the education of my children to others, I have not surrendered my role as a parent. My concerns about their education will not be muted by the clamoring of intolerant critics in our community.

Some parents voiced concern about President Obama’s speech to our children.

These concerns are legitimate and are based on several facts. In the
classroom materials offered to teachers of schoolchildren as young as 5 years, students were encouraged to write letters detailing what they would do to support the President. Teachers would gather the letters, review them with students and hold them accountable. Additionally, many have seen the Song for Change video of grammar school-aged children clad in Obama blue t-shirts and the more militant video of Missouri students blindly supporting Obama. More recently, a commercial featuring top actors pledging to “serve Barrack Obama” and to “serve our President” has emerged.

These activities targeting our youth are fostering a culture of idolatry. I
and other parents do not want our children being led to unquestioningly support President Obama or to support any one individual.

Unless you work in The White House, we are not meant to serve the President. He, as a public servant is meant to serve us, the people. We don’t hold allegiances to people, who are by human nature fallible. We pledge allegiance to the republic, to our Constitution and if you are a believer, to our Creator.

If we want our children to think critically, then offer them critical
share with them a wide range of views.  Please teach them how to think, not what to think.

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